"Firelogic" - the debut album by Viv Youell

Welcome to the Links page of the VivYouell website

Richard Murray        www.richardmurraymusic.com     Musician, Producer

James Keohane      www.takiuk.co.uk                              Website Wizard

Paula Keogh             www.myspace.com/paulakeogh   Graphic Design

Patrick Youell          http://padzilla.multiply.com               Photography 

Tunetank                   www.myspace.com/tunetank              Australian music network

Amphead Music     www.ampheadmusic.com/about_us.php      Orchard Partner

The Orchard      www.theorchard.com/dist/searchResults.php            Digital Distribution         

Music Tank               www.musictank.co.uk                       UK music business network

The 12 Bar Club       www.12barclub.com                         London Acoustic Venue

The Borderline         www.meanfiddler.com                     London Music Venue

Virtual Acoustic       www.thevac.co.uk                             London Music & writer's website

Folk and Roots         www.folkandroots.co.uk                  All about folk and roots

Seb Collective          www.myspace.com/sebcollective  Musicians collective

The Soho Revue      www.sohorevuebar.com                  London's 'Moulin Rouge'

Skiddle Promotions www.skiddle.com                            UK listings & community site

UKMusicReview      www.ukmusicreview.com      reviews,band directory, listings and podcasts

Twitter                        www.twitter.com/vivyouell