"Firelogic" - the debut album by Viv Youell

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For Dublin born singer songwriter, Viv Youell, the release of her debut album Firelogic was all about passion and dedication - to the songs, to herself and to the story. Well received it brought an invitation to play at the Borderline’s Singer Songwriter Festival in London in February 2007 and has been a featured writer on the new Sony Vaionation music site. Viv also does voice overs for the BBC flagship series, Dr Who. She also performed on the Small World Stage and the Avalon Cafe at the Glastonbury Festival in 2007.

In 2000 the song "Love in the Afternoon", from her original demo recorded with Tim Bradshaw and Clune of the David Gray band, received its first airplay in China. Viv went on to achieve recognition by reaching the finals in the Music/Performing Arts category of the Daily Express newspaper's "Tomorrow's People" Awards in the UK and The Windrift Music International songwriting competition in Canada.

Influenced by the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Tracey Chapman, Ella Fitzgerald and especially the singular beauty of Billie Holiday, Viv's distinctive folk inspired pop is punctuated with contemporary ballads as her writing style is deeply embedded in the poetic sensibilities of 60's folk/beat writers including Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Lennon and McCartney and the singer songwriters Neil Finn and Jeff Buckley. Viv's formative gigs were at Bunjies, a folk cellar in the heart of London's West End which had been graced by many of the above along with such performers as John Martyn, Bob Dylan and David Bowie.

A chance meeting at a gig at The 12 Bar Club between Viv Youell and Richard Murray, a musician and songwriter from Northern Ireland who had only recently arrived in London, gave a hint of the complementary nature of their musical backgrounds and aspirations.

Indeed within two months of meeting they travelled to perform only their second gig together at the Fringe Contemporary Arts Club in Hong Kong and to tour in China. Live sessions and interviews on RTHK in Hong Kong and on Pearl River Radio in Guangzhou reached an audience of ten million thereby continuing to bring the music to a wider audience and build on Viv's solo performances at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005.

"Firelogic" is a creative collaboration as Richard introduces the country and blues influences which provide the platform for Viv to both capture and be captured by the songs themselves. Her deeply evocative performance style is highlighted by lush, dynamic vocals to a back-drop of strong acoustic rhythm and lead guitars.

In 2006, even as the album started to go into production, the original demo of "Love in the Afternoon" was being presented at Midem by Tunetank with the support of the Australian Association of Independent Record Labels and Viv was represented at Pop Komm by the Los Angeles based IRL Music Group.

Viv Youell and her band launched Firelogic at The Borderline, followed by an appearance at The Secret Garden Party Festival. Unphased by a power cut to the stage her experience of intimate acoustic venues. allowed her to over ride adversity and continue the gig with Richard from the floor. The strength of their gigs as a duo and Viv's strong vocal ability powerfully rendered the remainder of the set to a delightedly surprised audience and a flurry of excited children. The immaculate delivery, innovative and exuberant behaviour brought reviews and an offer to play tracks from Firelogic on the BBC World Service to Azerbaijan.

The creative collaboration has extended to involve a promotional song and video for the Ryder Cup 2006 golf championship. The "Ryder Cup Irish" is sung, instrumented and produced by Richard with backing vocals by Viv.

Viv Youell sees her attitudes and future deeply influenced by her heritage. Born to an Irish father of Hugenot descent and a Malaysian Chinese mother whose family originated from South China Sea pirates, Viv breaks through the divide between expectation and individuality with well-crafted songs. Her drive, sensitivity and unique expression give her the ability to continue to cross borders and boundaries.

A sumptuous and elegant re-recording of the song "Love in the Afternoon" leads the imminent worldwide download release of Firelogic on her own label via The Orchard. Frequent references to Kirsty MacColl, Joni Mitchell, Kirsten Hersh and on occasion to PJ Harvey will now see Viv Youell poised to join her contemporaries as her music nestles between that of KT Tunstall, Cat Power and Kathryn Williams.

Release Date: 2nd December 2006

Up-date May 2007