"Firelogic" - the debut album by Viv Youell

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"Lush, dynamic vocals with a back-drop of strong acoustic rhythm and lead guitars delivering a sound-scape encompassing folk, country and pop genres."


8th January 2010: Blog post: "Elvis Presley - Still divinely gorgoeus and mesmeric". He inspired my writing and still does

22nd November 09: 100 Complimentary copies of Firelogic are available if you can either correctly say what you think the song "Catherine" is about or you include any Viv Youell track in your Spotify playlist. Please click on Firelogic Album Promo to read full details of this promotion and how to claim.

25th October 09: Listen to all the Firelogic album tracks on Spotify
Pop a "Viv Youell" in the search box and you're away - enjoy

19th September 09: Back by popular demand! A new #gregorypeck story, "The Incredible Story of Ping Chow" is now published. See the link at www.myspace.com/vivyouellmusic

8th August 09: Some summer silliness on the new blog post at www.myspace.com/vivyouellmusic  with Photo Stories from the chicken #gregorypeck

9th July 09: New Video page added with link to video made by Viv Youell featuring the Chimeras MC Lithuania poker rally and the song "The Way it is". It includes the blog posts that may explain the origins of a mad caper

14th April 09: - Viv will be twittering from Glastonbury. See her new blog post at Myspace, Viv Tweets in her sobriety on Twitter, and follow the breadcrumbs on Twitter

26th October 08: - The new Songs Page now contains the stories written by Viv about the inspiration, development and recording of the Firelogic songs

23rd August 08: - The Firelogic widget and Viv's blog is now available on her profile at Myspace . Add the  7 Digital Firelogic widget to your Myspace page.

5th April 08: - Listen to new tracks The original recordings from the Love in the Afternoon EP are now available.

15th Feb 08 - Glastonbury Festival 27th June to 29th June 2008. Wake early and you may catch Viv play the breakfast gig in the Avalon Cafe from noon.

Welcome to 2008

24th Dec - Seasons Greetings. Viv Youell will be releasing new songs in January 2008. See Press Area for details.

22nd Nov - Viv is performing at the Amnesty International fund raising gig on 29th November. See up-dated gigs page for details

18th Nov - Gig on 30th November CANCELLED, with apologies.

2nd Oct - Gig at the Soho Revue Club has been re-scheduled for Friday 30th November. See gigs page for details and to reserve your £5 reduced entry guest list place email Guest List.

17th Sept - Gig on 8th October CANCELLED. Due to be re-scheduled.

13th Sept - Gig confirmed at The Soho Revue Bar on 8th October. Reduced entry £5 guest list available. CANCELLED

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9th Sept - Welcome to recent visitors from Brazil, France Germany, Malaysia and Portugal

17th Aug - The UK Music Seach Podcast (Episode 5) is now online and features Love in the Afternoon as the Summer Anthem. The song is available for free at Last.fm or for a high quality download go to MUSIC.

Send your song and album reviews to reviews@vivyouell.com

Read Viv's blog, "A song is born" about the song at Vaionation. You can find the latest blog and Love in the Afternoon song lyrics on her blog.

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27th July - Welcome to this week's visitors from Germany and Hungary.

21st July - Love in the Afternoon is the winner of the UKM Summer Anthem Podcast Poll. Click here to read all about it.

Welcome to this week's visitors from Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, the Phillipines, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

17th July - Thank-you to everyone who has voted for Viv's song as the UK Music Search Summer Anthem.

The closing date to vote for Love in the Afternoon is 20th July.

5th July - Greetings pop pickers! "Love in the Afternoon" has been nominated for the UK Music Search Podcast Summer Anthem. Please take a moment to get your summer pants on and then click on the link to

 vote for "Love in the Afternoon"

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30th June - "What's Hot" at Vaionation -  Hype  - Viv's Glastonbury Blog! Click here for the full archive

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27th June - All of Viv's Glastonbury blog entries can be found at Vaionation.

26th June - Viv has returned from the Glastonbury festival where she also played at the Avalon Cafe. Her next appearance is on 4th July at The 12 Bar Club.

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15th June - Glastonbury details are now on the gigs page. The Small World Solar Stage is solar powered and can be found in the Green Futures Field. Viv will be blogging from the festival site on her VaioNation blog from 18th June.

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11th June - Viv is starting her Glastonbury Festival preparations and will be making up-dates to her Vaio Nation blog from the Festival from 18th June.

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4th June - Hot off the press. Viv has been booked to play at the 12 Bar Club in London on 4th July. Advance tickets recommended for this gig. See details on the gig page.

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31st May - New Vaio nation blog entry about the song Delicate is entitled "Crystalline and Delicate"

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22nd May - new blog entry, Terminal Velocity published on Vaionation

21st May - Viv Youell's "Tinkerbell" blog is being featured at Vaionation.

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18th May - Biography page up-dated

13th May - The blog entry for the Fisherman has leapt forward in the blog searches. "The beginning of the affair" is about the impulse and momentum of the song. Follow the directions at the end to read while simultaneously listening tothe audio. Please rate the song and blog, and leave your comments.

10th May - Welcome to this week's visitors from Brazil, Romania, the UK and the US.

The most popular blog entry this week has been  Viv Youell - Podcast, the Way It Is . .

You can read about the song and simultaneously listen to audio. Please do leave your comments.

30th April - Glastonbury gig confirmed. Full details to follow

Blog entries about the Firelogic songs are detailed on the weblog page. Read the blog and simultaneously listen to the track.

25th April - Viv's blog at Vaionation has gone live today.

19th April - Welcome to this week's visitors from Australia, Germany, New Zealand, USA and The Netherlands

12th April - This week, Viv has been running around London. See the latest blog entry at Vaionation. - Bunny Galore.

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7th April - new blog entry "Viv Youell Podcast - The Way It Is". You can simultaneously read the lyrics, listen to the song and sing along!

30th March - The Fisherman has been up-loaded to Myspace. The illustration is a painting by Frederick Leighton, "The Fisherman and the Syren"

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27th March - The Vaionation blogs are suspended pending the launch on 10th April.  Check the state of progress of the Tinkerbell blog "In praise of all things sparkly" at Tinkerbell

Please rate the songs,rate the blog and leave your comments. Meanwhile, links to the blog entries below can be accessed when the site goes live.

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15th March - Please be aware. A Russian music database website is selling Viv Youell songs. It is not a licensed site and it is strongly advised that you DO NOT give them your credit card details.

All music websites listed on the music page www.vivyouell.com are licensed, regulated and offer secure handling of your credit card. 

12th March - New blog entry, "The Earth Moved" tells the story behind the song, Smile.

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3rd March -  The new Vaionation blog entry, "The Breton" tells a story of the song,  We Don't Touch. 

23rd Feb- New blog entries published this week by Viv Youell include an entry called, "The beginning of the affair" which tells the story behind her song, The Fisherman.

 This week, welcome to website visitors from Israel, Canada and Germany

16th Feb - New Vaionation blog entry, "An iconic stage".

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13th Feb - See the new blog entry, "Is the parrot a red herring", a tale from behind the scenes of Hearts & Arrows.

10th Feb - This week's 'far flung' website visitors came from Japan and the guest photographer from The Borderline gig is Phil Davison. Click to see his pics.

4th Feb - New blog entry at Vaionation "A song is born", is the story behind the writing of Love in the Afternoon

21st Jan - Viv will be playing at The Borderline's singer songwriter festival on 5th February, supporting Chris Smither. See Gigs page for details and to reserve your guest list place.

Viv Youell will be writing a blog, In praise of all things sparkly, for Vaionation. The first entry is a story from behind the scenes of the song Dear Darling and is called "So, where do you start?".

10th Jan  - Rumour has it that Viv will shortly be graced with the services of a "stunt bosom"

Welcome to 2007

30th December - A gift for the New Year. Please allow me to pass on a video, that has been gifted to me, of a talk by Deepak Chopra entitled "The Way of the Wizard"

Christmas 2006 - Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2007. Thanks to all who have made 2006 so special. Viv

8th December - read the latest Firelogic review on the Reviews page

2nd December - Download Firelogic for Free. See details on the Music Page

20th November - ...did you know?...a "venue" is the collective noun for a group of vultures!

9th November - Download release confirmed for 2nd December 2006. Songs from the album will be available on major internet music sites including iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody (US),  and eMusic. For further details please contact info@vivyouell.com. See the music page for full details.

1st Nov 2006 - Gig and Biog up-dates. Please see relevant pages.

23rd Oct 2006 -Click here to see Viv and Richard in action for the Ryder Cup Sky Sports Promo 2006 and search on Youtube.com for "Viv Youell". Enjoy it! 

20th Oct 2006 - Glorious, I've been invited to do a showcase for MCPS-PRS- Alliance in November in their fab basement bar. See full info on the gigs page. It will be short but very sweet. Come for the music.

Also coming later this year... Firelogic will be available for download from all major download sites. For information and up-dates please email

22nd to 24th September 2006 - Ryder Cup Irish promo video will be shown on the Sky Sports Channel and... yes, we did get to drink Guinness out of it and.... yes, it's not one of the things a girl wakes up in the morning expecting to do! 

20th to 22nd September 2006 - The IRL Music Group will be representing Viv at PopKomm international music conference and business platform in Germany.

17th Sept 2006 - Firelogic is due to played in Azerbaijan. Check out the story on the biography page.

2nd Sept 2006 - See Reviews page for the latest album and live reviews

17th Aug 2006 - I have been recording backing vocals for a Ryder Cup promo advert for this year's golfing championship in Ireland. Richard, in full maestro mood, did the lead vocals, instrumentation and production. See the "Ryder Cup Irish" band in full flow on the promo video which will be shown on the Sky Sports Channel between 22nd and 24th September...... maybe even check out the golf!

7th Aug 2006 - A huge thanks to everyone who came to The Borderline to launch the album in such fantastic style. I was joined by Richard Murray on guitar, Neil Saunders on bass and Max Zastiera on drums and there will be the same line up for The Secret Garden Festival.

27th July 2006 - You can now hear samples from Firelogic at Myspace and on the UK Music Review websites

8th July 2006 - Album Launch gig at The Borderline in London. See gigs page for full details and flyer. Hurrah!

7th July 06 - Very exciting. The album has come together beautifully and Firelogic is due to be released. Please do check out the guest book to see what the guest reviewers have been submitting. Reserve your copy and be kept up to date about the release date  by clicking on the link on the Firelogic page.

3rd June 2006 - Check out the gig up-dates. Very soon....she will be catching fire with her own bare hands and launching the album in true style. Keep coming back to visit or join the mailing list to be emailed -  the launch gig will be announced soon. The band will also be playing at The Secret Garden Party Festival which promises to be  wild and funky! - Viv.

27th May 2006 - Viv writes: There's something about watching the wind blowing on the  whirlygig in the garden that reminded me that as long as you don't keep your feet in the same place you won't get stuck on the perpetual roundabout. 

9 Apr 2006
Message from Viv: Thanks for coming to visit. Please have a good rummage and come back often for up-dates. Join the Mailing list at mailinglist@vivyouell.com and give your thoughts on the music, performances, and to ask those burning questions. 

What is it all about? - the music.  

7 Apr 2006
Viv and Richard have been in the studio recording Firelogic, which will be available later in the Spring. Check back here for more details.

21 Jul 205
Viv and Richard were Interviewed for next months issue of 'Skylife Magazine'.

24 Jul 2005
Today Viv and Richard will be guests on Pearl River Radio 'Chit Chat Trio' presented by Stephen Yang - 97.4 FM  China  9.30 - 10.30am. This will feature an interview along with studio performances and album cuts.

12 Jul 2005
The 'Morning Brew' show presented by Phil Whelan and Khaliq Meer - RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong will feature a live interview and performances from Viv and Richard today at 12.30pm.